About the Author

Lucas Franklin Smith

Lucas Franklin is a great(x8)-grandson of Josiah Franklin—Benjamin Franklin’s father. He is also the great-grandson of a full-blood Cherokee Indian.

Born in California, Lucas Franklin was raised biculturally in the United States and Mexico. Intrigued by early by finance, he became a stockbroker in college, later withdrawing from his studies to become a trader on the floor of the Mexican Stock Exchange. 

His first novel—Un Principiante en Wall Street/The Wall Street Apprentice—a satire of the stock market—was published in 1997.

Lucas Franklin is a former columnist for El Universal and Business Mexico. He has written widely on matters of politics, finance and global trade. His articles have appeared in the London Financial Times, La Reforma and Gazeta Mercantil.

Today, he lives in New England with his wife, Kristin.